New Day Consulting Systems provides Franchise Development Consulting, Small Business Consulting and Funding Development Services for businesses looking to grow and scale using the latest 21st century tools and methods.

New Day is a new kind of consulting company for a new kind of 21st century enterprise.

Whether you want to own a franchise or franchise your existing business, your franchise consultant will guide you through the entire process and help you achieve your desired goals and objectives. Through New Day’s small business consulting services, you can develop your business and personal brand via state of the art 21st century technologies and tools.

New Day consultants also coach and mentor small business leaders and their teams to advance their leadership and executive capacity.  New Day consultants also  harness the power of your intellectual property portfolio via  intellectual property management services. 

New Day consultants work with business owners to develop new and innovative ways to fund raise for businesses and franchisees.  Although we offer traditional 3rd party financing and funding options, New Day consultants recognize the opportunities that widespread digital transformation offer businesses in the area of value exchange and funding.

We are entering the Web 3.0 era where information and data will no longer be the crux of the Web but rather VALUE EXCHANGE.  New Day consultants offer franchise and small business funding services that include strategies for various types of crowdfunding, ICOs and blockchain applications.

It’s a new day for your business.

Let us help build your 21st century empire. 

For a detailed review of our services, please schedule a consultation today to learn more.