Scale-Up Ecosystem

 New Day recognizes that scaling up a businesses is no easy task. And we recognize that local economic ecosystems play vital roles.  That is why we are committed to helping cities, counties, states, non-profits, other businesses, colleges and universities create the types of environments that increase the likelihood of local scale-up success. 

 Keys for local scale-up ecosystem success are funding, leadership development, staffing, and innovation strategy and execution.  New Day created two pillars for ecosystem development that can be replicated around the country: Accelerator Development and the E-Main Street Project

Local Accelerator Development

Effective business accelerator development is challenging for veterans in the field. That’s why New Day has taken the time to study, glean, develop and learn from countless accelerators across the country.

We have developed a system for accelerator development based on best practices from the most effective accelerators in the US and around the world.  Getting to scale is one of the most difficult and sought after states for business owners.  However, all too often accelerators have poor track records or track records that enrich program developers in a way that disadvantages founders long term. 

Elements of our systematic approach to accelerator development includes but are not limited to: 

Innovation Strategy Partnership Development

Customized Leadership Program Development

Coaching and Mentoring Services

National Funding Network Development

National Pitch Competitions

Corporate and Government Partnership Development

Unique & Scalable Customer Acquisition Strategies for Accelerator Participants

    E- Main Street Project

E-Main Street enables scale ups to tap into communities around the USA and Canada.   We enable scale-ups to participate in as many E-Main Streets to reach as many local economies and communities as possible.    Elements of the E-Main Street Project include but are not limited to:

National Digital Directory Placement

National SEO Campaign Development

National Social Media Advertising

National Investment Opportunities

We offer local ecosystem development partners the opportunity to combine Local Accelerator Development with the E-Main Street Project for one of the most effective, potent strategies to create viable, sustainable business scale-up strategies.   



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