Scale Up Business Acquisition

Multi-Unit Franchise Investment 

 Scaling a business is a VERY difficult endeavor.  However, when you find a successful franchise system the ability to scale within that franchise system is much easier with a multi-unit franchise investment. 

In this scenario, a franchisee rather than investing in only one (1) unit or location, invests in 3, 5, 10 or 50 locations within a single franchise system.   Multi-unit franchise ownership is one of the most ideal ways to scale your business because you are operating several businesses within a proven system or framework and established brand. 

Additional benefits for multi-unit franchise ownership include but are not limited to:

 Easier Access to Financing

Brand Awareness

Reduced Costs

Higher Resale Value

New Day has relationships with franchise systems with a variety of multi-unit ownership options for you to choose from. 




    Acquiring Entire Franchise Systems

     If you are veteran business owner with the capital and team to support this type of business acquisition, placing an entire franchise system into your business portfolio may make sense.  However, lots of variables must be considered and this is not a decision to be pursued without careful due diligence.

    The market to acquire an entire franchise system is not as large as the market to acquire multi-unit franchise units within a system.  Moreover, the time and investment involved in this type of transaction drwarfs that which is involved in traditional franchise unit investment. 

    Nevertheless, for the right team, the immediate economies of scale, brand, network and distribution benefits of this type of acquisition are formidable.

    If you think you and your team are ready to take this step, reach out to us for an initial consultation today.