New Day Vision

New Day Consulting Systems’ vision is to become the leading franchise development firm in the U.S. known for innovative 21st century franchise system development, coaching the next generation of small business leaders, and democratizing access to effective strategies for scaling small businesses in the U.S. and around the world.


New Day Mission

New Day Consulting Systems’ mission is to help small businesses grow and scale effectively.  We do that through innovative intellectual property licensing strategies such as franchise development and brand licensing, leadership development, 21st century marketing and sales strategy development and implementation,  crowd sourcing innovation and funding opportunities.

New Day Goals

New Day Consulting Systems is dedicated to helping over 1,000 entrepreneurs & small businesses grow and scale effectively by 2024. 

We will reach that goal via a variety of methods:

  • Innovative Franchise System Development & Franchise Unit Sales
  • 21st century Franchise Marketing and Sales Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Pioneering the Effective Use of Voice Search, Podcasting, Online Radio and Internet of Things (Digital Assistants/AI) in the marketing and sale of franchise units in the US and around the world.
  • Pioneering Franchisee Onboarding and Training Initiatives That Include AR & VR
  • Democratizing Access to Franchising and Business Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Harnessing the Power of Mass Digitization, Crowds, Open Innovation and IoT
  • Pioneering the application of crowdfunding and ICOs to scale small businesses and franchise systems
  • Applying blockchain innovations, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies to 21st century small businesses globally
  • Expanding New Day Locations to include DC, Florida, Georgia and Texas by 2020.
  • Expanding New Day to its first international location by 2024.

New Day Values

New Day Consulting Systems was founded on the following 3 core values:

1-  LOVE

New Day is uncompromising in the Love Ethic being the bedrock and foundation of the company.

By Love Ethic we mean fundamentally demonstrating care, integrity and excellence for our clients and their businesses, our consultants and the larger communities we serve.

In an age of mass digitization, IoT, and AI, New Day realizes that the real opportunity for 21st century business is HUMAN to HUMAN connection and care that is demonstrated through excellent service and business integrity.

We seek to model the Love Ethic to all of our clients and believe that if our clients adopt the Love Ethic in their franchise, business scale and leadership development efforts, they will be UNSTOPPABLE in the 21st century market place.

New Day is radical and unwavering in our commitment to demonstrating the LOVE ETHIC in ALL we do and are.

With this foundational value, we understand and know New Day is counter-cultural and revolutionary.

The types of clients we enjoy working with have a similar value and belief system.


New Day was founded on innovation in franchise development.

We believe that most franchise systems do not plan or incorporate franchise innovation into the foundation of the franchise system or properly prepare, train and adapt franchisees to radical technological change and disruption.

This is a recipe for disaster and extinction.

New Day is committed to baking in innovation at the start of scaling or business franchising.

We are also committed to experimenting with technologies and innovations internally and then applying those successful experiments to our clients to help them achieve their business scale goals.

Innovation is a pillar of leadership.

Since New Day seeks to be a leader in franchise system development, innovation is a bedrock value and commitment.

We seek to work with clients who share a similar commitment to innovation and experimentation as they scale and grow their businesses.


For FAR TOO LONG, business scale opportunities have been limited to certain regions and demographic groups.

New Day is committed to changing that.

We believe that talents and gifts are not limited to certain regions, religions, ethic groups, nationalities, genders or classes.

Because of this bedrock value, New Day is committed to doing radical public education outreaches and speaking DIRECTLY to  groups previously overlooked by traditional banks, venture capitalists and YES even FRANCHISE DEVELOPMENT FIRMS.  These specific demographic groups New Day is targeting include but are not limited to:





Not only is New Day implementing strategies to directly speak to these underrepresented groups, but we are developing innovative payment plans, crowdfunding and equity options that will make many of our services accessible.

We are committed to making business scale opportunities accessible for as many qualified entrepreneurs and business owners as possible.


It truly is a new day for your business.

Let’s talk about the possibilities.

Call us today.