New Day Consulting Systems (New Day), a company operating from Reston, Virginia, has expanded its services to include mobile application development for small businesses. New Days mobile app development services compliment its focus on unleashing business growth and innovation. Any business looking to expand its audience and particularly reach younger audiences should investigate mobile app development as part of a strategic mobile marketing plan.

More and more consumers are spending the majority of their time on mobile devices.  And when consumers are on their mobile devices, they spend the majority of the time on dedicated, branded apps. Mobile apps account for 89% of mobile media time. Because of this incredibly powerful data point, mobile apps are critical to effective marketing practices in the 21st century.

A business interested in getting its brand message out must effectively incorporate mobile marketing generally and mobile app development specifically.  In response to the amount of time consumers are spending on mobile phones and inside mobile apps, Google has begun a new level of mobile app indexing.

Google has offered app indexing for quite some time. However, in November 2015, Google began to index apps that do not have a parallel mobile site. Google is making information in mobile apps available to the masses via general search queries.

This is a game changer for mobile app adoption. Based upon this shift, Google anticipates that mobile apps may replace websites for digital information. And if Google is making this shift, so should business owners.

According to Kimberly Bonner of New Day, Mobile apps will soon replace mobile websites as the primary way consumers get information about companies. Apps can do everything that mobile websites can…only better. And 2016 will be a pivotal year in mobile app adoption for all types of companies.

In order to effectively reach consumers in the 21st century marketplace, businesses must reach mobile users. New Day has an ideal package for small businesses just beginning the journey in effective mobile marketing. The native apps New Day develops are just right for businesses beginning to reach out to mobile audiences. The mobile apps are affordably priced starting at $2,000.

The native mobile app development service is just one part of New Days ongoing mission to unleash business growth and innovation by being a leader in innovative business practices that rapidly scale businesses. If a small business owner is thinking about developing a mobile marketing strategy, please contact New Day today.

For more information about New Days mobile app development services, call them at 703-925-5901 or e-mail New Day at Individuals can also visit the website: