New Day Consulting Systems (New Day), a company operating from Reston, Virginia, has expanded its services to include crowdfunding to support business and inventor product development.   New Days crowdfunding services compliment its present focus on unleashing business growth and innovation. Any business looking for additional capital to expand its products and services should review the pros and cons of crowdfunding as a legitimate alternative to traditional funding options.

The Great Recession ushered in an unexpected blessing for the masses. As a direct result of market failure, crowdfunding became a tool used by individuals and businesses to access capital. Although some banks still loan funds to small businesses, many banks no longer are involved in commercial lending and are primarily focused on lending for real estate. This has left a vacuum that crowdfunding has filled.

Due to recent laws, like the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act), equity crowdfunding is now accessible to the masses. In 2012, President Obama passed the JOBS Act to encourage small business funding by easing various securities regulations. The JOBS Act has the potential to be a funding game changer for small businesses.

The next generation of multinational corporations in large part may be funded by the crowd, accountable to the crowd, and perhaps run by the crowd. This would be revolution in how large companies are created and run. And it would be an expansion of wealth generation opportunities in the United States.

According to Kimberly M. Bonner of New Day, Open-access models and mass digitization are being been applied to business financing and funding. The potential effective uses for crowdfunding are simply unlimited for growing a business. It truly is a new day.   Unfortunately, the vast majority of businesses and entrepreneurs that engage in crowdfunding campaigns fail. The largest crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, admits that more than 63% of the crowdfunding campaigns on the reward platform fail. Because of the inherent difficulties entrepreneurs and businesses have in successfully running a reward or equity crowdfunding campaign, New Day Consulting Systems, LLC has expanded its services to include crowdfunding campaign management consulting. New Day combines its expertise in franchising & business development, intellectual property, open innovation, branding, marketing, social sales and fundraising to provide a unique crowdfunding campaign management skill set that benefits businesses.

New Day Consulting Systems recognizes the new day that crowdfunding brings. They are affiliated with some of the leaders in equity, rewards and debt crowdfunding in the U.S. and we are committed to providing tremendous value to our clients and pioneering a path to new wealth creation opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs, families and communities.

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