Franchise Radio/Podcast/Voice Search Marketing

Starting in the Summer, 2018, NDCS will launch radio, podcast and voice search marketing opportunities for affiliated franchise systems. NDCS is the sponsor of the Business Scale Insight podcast.  That podcast will also become affliated with a new Business Scale Insights radio show launching in the Summer, 2018 in South Florida FM/AM markets, online radio and IHeartRadio markets.

NDCS offers any interested franchise system the opportunity to sponsor radio/podcast spots.  NDCS also works with marketing agencies that can help franchise systems optimize for voice search & develop Alexa skills.

NDCS is preparing 21st century franchise systems for voice search by helping all of their clients understand the importance of Home Assistants and the Internet of Things to the future of commerce.

You may be asking: What is a home assistant?

A home assistant can also be known as a digital assistant or smart home device and has three (3) basic elements:

1- The devices are permanent home based devices.
2- They are hands free.
3- They fully integrate with other smart home devices such as Smart TVs.

NDCS recognizes that voice search and podcast/online radio advertising are potential game changers for franchise system marketing and wants to help pioneering clients get in front of the right audience.

It’s truly a new day for your business.