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Open-access models and mass digitization are being been applied to financing and funding.  The potential effective uses for crowdfunding are simply unlimited for growing your business.  It truly is a new day.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of businesses and entrepreneurs that engage in crowdfunding campaigns fail.   The largest crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, admits that more than 63% of the crowdfunding campaigns on the reward platform fail.

Equity crowdfunding is far more difficult and rigorous than reward crowdfunding. The CEO of CrowdfundX puts the matter bluntly when he states, I chuckle when I read press releases from companies announcing theyve filed with the SEC to raise up to $50 million through Reg A+ equity crowdfunding. Why?  Because most of them completely underestimate the effort required to generate the first $1 million in interest from the crowd.  Successful Reg A + campaigns demand powerful storytelling and a multi-channel marketing effort to drive awareness, reservations and investment.

Because of the inherent difficulties entrepreneurs and businesses have in successfully running a crowdfunding campaign, New Day Consulting Systems, LLC has expanded its services to include crowdfunding campaign management consulting.  New Day Consulting Systems combines its expertise in franchising & business development, intellectual property, open innovation,  branding, marketing, social sales and fundraising to provide a unique crowdfunding campaign management skill set that benefits your business.

Our crowdfunding consultants work across the spectrum of crowdfunding- gift, reward, equity and debt crowdfunding.  Each type of crowdfunding requires a different approach.  We begin with an initial consultation to determine if crowdfunding is a fit for your business.  And if so, we make recommendations on the  type of crowdfunding you should use given your stated goals and objectives.  New Day Consulting Systems provides of myriad of crowdfunding consulting services that vary from purely advisory to daily management and everything in between.

Per the data on most successful crowdfunding campaigns, six months development and preparation is required before launch. We prefer a six (6) month minimum commitment from clients, although shorter time frames are possible depending on the type of crowdfunding and the purpose of the campaign.  The six month time commitment is to provide enough crowdfunding preparation to execute a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Below is a very general overview of the various elements of a reward based crowdfunding campaign.  However, elements of the steps outlined below apply in varying degrees to other types of crowdfunding, particularly equity crowdfunding.

Step 1- Clearly identify and develop your business plan, product or service

Step 2- Seek appropriate legal, financial and manufacturing advice

Step 3- Clearly identify and protect intellectual property involved in delivering the product or service

Step 4- Begin to identify, develop and organize your crowd  that you seek to obtain funding from.  Master the  details for using your crowdfunding platform.

Step 5- Initiate and develop a public relations strategy

Step 6- Initiate and develop your crowdfunding campaign strategy, including e-mail list development, social media channel development, brand narrative, rewards and offerings, funding goals and schedules.

Step 7- Begin to develop a site or landing page

Step 8- Develop effective video showcasing the product or business

Step 9-   Deliver results

New Day Consulting Systems can assist you at every step in the process and is connected with crowdfunding experts who can help execute the various parts of the crowdfunding strategy to deliver results for you and your business.

For debt crowdfunding, New Day Consulting Systems works with a variety of peer to peer lenders.  And we can provide detailed information on debt crowdfunding  platforms.  The time involved in debt crowdfunding is much shorter than for gift, reward, and equity crowdfunding.  And debt crowdfunding may be ideal for startup businesses and franchises who have found traditional commercial banks unwilling to lend to advance their businesses and the amount of money you seek to borrow is less than $300,000.

For gift crowdfunding, New Day Consulting Systems integrates gift crowdfunding strategies for businesses through social selling.  Our crowdfunding consultants work with platforms like Gift Starter to integrate a crowd sourced social selling strategy for your business that can produce astonishing results and add a completely new dimension to your e-commerce strategy.

All of our crowdfunding campaign strategies can revolutionize your business. Contact a crowdfunding consultant today to discuss your crowdfunding needs.

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