Executive Coaching & Leadership Development


Leadership is the KEY to the success of ANY enterprise.

Very few rational people would disagree with that statement.

Leadership is also the KEY to scaling any enterprise WELL.

The problem in the U.S. and around the world is that apparently we are in the midst of a massive global leadership crisis.

According to a survey published by the World Economic Forum in 2014, 86% of respondents believed that the WORLD has a leadership crisis.  That is a shocking statistic.


Although there are literally MILLIONS of leadership development and training programs that exist in the US and around the world today, clearly few are effective and reaching their targets.

At New Day Consulting Systems, we fundamentally believe that it makes NO sense to scale a business if the leaders of that business have not first done the INNER WORK needed to carry the weight of a larger enterprise.

Everyone may want to scale.

But NOT everyone should scale.

Doing the inner work to determine if scaling your business makes sense for you and your team is a critical first step.

We offer several services for LEADERS and LEADERSHIP TEAMS looking to scale their enterprises:

1- Leader Self Assessments

Identifying strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth

2- Leadership Team Assessments

Identifying strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth

3- Approaches to Problem Solving Inventory

4- Values Clarification

5- Strategic Planning Preparation

6- Business Retreat Design and Implementation

In large part, effectively scaling any enterprise begins with the founder and leadership team. An organization’s capacity for high impact growth and development is directly correlated to the inner work, growth and development of the core leaders and leadership team.

If you desire to create the next generation 21st century business that changes the world, as a leader, the first change MUST begin with you and your team.

Let’s talk about how New Day can help you grow as a leader.

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