Birth of a New Day

Birth of a New Day

New Day Consulting Systems. LLC (New Day) was born in a crisis.

On February 9, 2010, Kimberly M. Bonner, New Day’s founder, almost died.   A routine outpatient surgical procedure went horribly wrong causing uncontrollable bleeding that almost killed her.  Kimberly was in the Intensive Care Unit for several days.  After she was discharged, Kimberly was at home functioning on a very basic level for weeks.

Kimberly had a job she enjoyed.  But, like so many, her income was tied primarily to her job alone.  She now faced a crisis that impacted her ability to work as she had for most of her life.

Kimberly’s former employer frowned on telecommuting and flexible work arrangements.  To add strain to the situation, her friends had financial crises relating to their homes, foreclosure and/or threatened job loss. Three friends friends needed to live in her home during the previous year and one friend had to live in the home with Kimberly after the  health crisis.   The Great Recession was not theoretical for Kimberly.  She witnessed the devastating impact on friends and family.

All of this was Kimberly M. Bonner ’s personal wake up call.   She could no longer place her trust in a single income source because unexpected things happen, like her health crisis. Her friends and family member’s financial crises could also happen to her.  The economic foundation in the U.S. was weakening and the future was uncertain.  Because of those events, she made a decision that would change the rest of her life.

Kimberly connected with a former Kumon franchisee and entrepreneur who owned an education tutoring business.  He encouraged her to investigate the business and become a possible business partner.  In the Spring of 2010 (and still recuperating from surgery) she flew out to a Discovery Day in Dallas ,TX. She got to understand the educational tutoring business and meet the owner.

That 2010 Discovery Day changed Kimberly’s life forever.  From that day forward, she focused on entrepreneurship, franchising and charting her own course.  After much thought and deliberation, Kimberly decided that rather than invest in someone else’s franchise system, she would invest in herself.  She made the decision to start a business she could later possibly franchise.

Kimberly wanted to start a business that helped develop and grow other businesses. She wanted to assist the masses of individuals who were just like her, her friends and familyKimberly wanted to help people stuck in a cycle of financial vulnerability.  Kimberly wanted to give people what she believed she had been given, a new day.

She was clear the business needed to build on her 17 years as a lawyer and university leader advising clients and organizations on growth strategies, intellectual property management and innovation.  In particular, Kimberly wanted to apply her experience dealing with the disruptions digital networks had in the market with e-commerce and in education with e-learning.

Kim researched, wrote, taught, advocated and advised for years on the impact of the e-commerce/dot com boom of the late 1990s early 2000s, peer to peer file sharing, open access and mass digitization.  She studied the way crowds and group activities were impacting the way people learn, act and behave.  She wanted to apply what she learned from those experiences to business.  She wanted to bring the lessons she learned from “open” theory applied to education, creative production and innovation and apply those lessons to business development and wealth creation.

The result is New Day Consulting Systems, LLC.

New Day is focused on unleashing business growth and innovation by leveraging the power of technology and crowds. New Day’s service areas include franchising, intellectual property management, branding, marketing, sales and funding.  New Day’s unique approach to these services harnesses the power of digital networks and the new culture of sharing and openness to create new kinds of businesses and products.  

New Day seeks to usher in a new era for business and innovation in the U.S.

What was born out of a personal near death experience is now bringing financial health and financial freedom to so many.

It’s a new day indeed.