If you are a franchise system founder or leader of a new or old franchise system, its time that you focus your attention on augmented and virtual reality TODAY.   Not tomorrow and not in a few months, but today.

If the success of Snap Chat, Pokemon Go and excitement over the Halolens is any indication, the future is here.  If you are not pivoting to embrace augmented and virtual reality as part of your brand strategy, you may no longer be relevant in 5-10 years. Period.

The featured TED Talk is a wonderful application of Halolens for human interaction, work and collaboration.  New Day Consulting Systems envisions a time when franchise discovery days, franchisee onboarding and training as well as employee onboarding and training includes some elements of augmented or virtual reality.

If you would like more information about developing a strategy that incorporates this innovation, our franchise development consultants are here to discuss the future of branding and marketing for your franchise system.  We can be reached at 703-295-5901 or info@newdayconsultingsystems.com.


Its a new day for your business.