The Great Recession ushered in an unexpected blessing for the masses.  As a direct result of market failure, crowdfunding became a tool used by individuals and businesses to access capital.  Although some banks still loan funds to businesses.  Many banks no longer are involved in commercial lending and are primarily focused on lending for real estate.  This has left a vacuum that crowdfunding has filled. Equity crowdfunding is leveling the playing field for raising large amounts of capital to grow a large multinational corporation.  Franchises like McDonalds grew in large part due to access to large amounts of capital to grow the franchise.  Due to recent laws like the JOBS Act, equity crowdfunding is now accessible to the masses.  This is a game changer for the future of capitalism and entrepreneurship around the globe.  The next generation of multinational corporations in large part will be funded by the crowd.  It will be accountable to the crowd.  And it may be run by the crowd.  This is a material change in the way large companies will be run.  And it is a material change in the possible expansion of wealth generation opportunities in the United States.  New Day Consulting Systems recognizes the new day that crowdfunding brings.  We are affiliated with some of the leaders in equity and debt crowdfunding in the U.S. and we are committed to providing tremendous value to our clients and pioneering a path to new wealth creation opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs, families and communities.

Thank God its a new day.