New Day Consulting Systems (New Day), a company operating from Reston, Virginia, has expanded its community outreach efforts to disseminate information to new and prospective small business owners about business growth and innovation. New Day has researched and developed a foundational strategy for successful business and franchise development for the 21st century marketplace.

As part of New Day’s continued public education efforts, Kimberly M. Bonner is scheduled to speak at various business development, leadership and innovation forums in October and November, 2015.

On October 10, 2015, Kimberly M. Bonner will speak at a John Maxwell Team LEAP Leadership Conference in Stamford, Connecticut. Ms. Bonner will discuss Eight Leadership Pillars for Building A Business Empire. The talk is targeted to leaders who desire to move from being an employee, to becoming an entrepreneur and eventually building an empire.

According to Ms. Bonner, “Many individuals desire to become business owners and empire builders. However, they lack the proper information, training and mindset to do so. Part of the mission of New Day is to consistently implement a program of community educational outreach to make understanding business development, growth, innovation and leadership accessible. The goal of New Day’s educational outreach is to provide individuals critical information needed to make wise choices that enable long term growth for their businesses. ”

In New Day’s continued commitment to expand access to information about business growth and innovation, Kimberly Bonner will speak at the Inventors Network of the Capital Area on October 26, 2015. Ms. Bonner will discuss the growing Maker Movement and its Impact on Grass Roots Innovation.

On November 12, 2015, Kimberly Bonner will speak on Assessing the Franchise Venture. The event will be held at the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Bonner will give an overview for those interested in franchising their business or becoming a franchisee on what factors to consider in the franchise decision making process.

Anyone interested in using franchising as vehicle to grow their business is encouraged to attend. For more information about these events, please visit the website:

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