Franchise Development Pricing

Plans and Pricing

Franchise Sales Retainer

We work as your primary franchise sales representative to prospective franchisees.
  • This cost is to retain the services of New Day Consulting Systems, LLC to be the primary sales representative for a start-up franchise system only for a minimum of 6 months. This retainer includes a requirement that New Day Consulting Systems, LLC receives a 40% commission on all closed prospects that New Day Consulting Systems provides to the new franchise system. The retainer pricing is only valid in tandem with the commission rate listed above. A final sales consulting agreement must be executed prior to beginning the work. This retainer price does not apply to franchise systems in existence for more than 3 years.
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Franchise Operations Manual

Critical system infrastructure for the franchise.
  • A franchise operations manual is critical to the proper execution of a franchise system. Franchisees expect a thoughtful, well planned operations manual that they may use to replicate the business in their particular location. Without a thorough franchise operations manual, the franchise system will suffer from poor execution and inadequate franchisee revenues. An executed agreement with New Day Consulting Systems, LLC is required prior to beginning the work on a franchise operations manual.
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Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement

Regulatory required documents to sell franchises.
  • The development of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchise Agreement (FA) are regulatory documents required to sell franchises. New Day Consulting Systems, LLC works with licensed franchise attorneys to develop these documents in Virginia to file around the U.S. The development of an FDD and FA are fundamental legal documents that must be done in tandem with proper legal counsel. For that reason, New Day Consulting Systems does not quote pricing for developing these regulatory documents without consulting with the appropriate legal counsel first. Please note: If you plan on franchising your business and you ONLY focus on FDD and FA development, you have not developed a franchise business, you simply have complied with a regulation in order to sell a business. This distinction is critical for you to understand. Any franchise consultant who is in the business of creating FDDs and FAs is not helping you build a franchise business. They are operating solely in the realm of regulatory compliance. Please contact us today to discuss the difference between building a business and complying with a regulation.
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