Feasibility Studies and Audit Pricing

Plans and Pricing

Franchise Assessment

  • Many franchises that have been in existence over ten (10) years need to re-assess the overall health of the franchise system and the health of franchisees. New Day Consulting Systems, LLC will tailor a package to the specific needs of your franchise system to assess the overall health of your franchisees and your franchise operations.
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Equity Crowdfunding Feasibility Study

  • Equity crowdfunding is a difficult endeavor. There are various areas of compliance that must be seriously vetted and taken into consideration. Any company seriously considering equity crowdfunding should engage in a feasibility study PRIOR to engaging lawyers, accountants, consultants, marketing and public relations experts. The ┬ácost will be applied directly to your account if New Day Consulting Systems, LLC takes you on as a client.
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Franchise System Audit

  • Franchise system audits can be incredibly complex and daunting depending on the size of the company, the age of the company and its management history. In light of these factors, the costs vary in conducing a franchise system vary on a case by case basis. Please contact us today to discuss your franchise system and type of audit requirements you have.
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